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Holy Week and Easter is the high point of the church calendar. We bind ourself to Christ as we walk the way of sorrows into death before celebrating his victorious resurrection on Easter Sunday. This year, we are all lamenting the fact that we cannot gether together to retell the Passion and celebrate the Resurrection. Our Holy Week and Easter this year will not be all that it could be. But that is okay. Each of us can still Journey towards Easter in our own homes and we will be having services online For Palm Sunday and throughout the Holy Triduum (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Eve). 

We hope you will join us for each of the services listed below on Zoom, as well as for Morning Prayer throughout Holy Week on our Facebook page

Palm Sunday | 5pm
Palm Sunday Liturgy with Spiritual Communion at 5pm.

*As we cannot wave palm branches and process into the church, we invite you to pick some greenery from outside your house to wave in place of palms during the opening liturgy. 

Service link:

Maundy Thursday | 8pm
Service of Tenebrae (Darkness). Similar to the Stations of the Cross, this is a guided journey towards the crucifixion using music, art, and readings from the Passion.

*We recommended that you enjoy this service by candlelight. 

Service link:

Good Friday | 10am 
A simple Good Friday liturgy, including Veneration of the Holy Cross,  following the Book of Common Prayer, 2019.

*You will need set up a cross or icon of the crucifixion for the Veneration of the Holy Cross.

Service link:

Holy Saturday | 10:30am
We will broadcast a brief Holy Saturday service on Facebook Live at 10:30am. 

Great Vigil of Easter | 8:30pm (Saturday)
The Great Vigil is the first liturgy of Easter, celebrated between suset on Holy Saturday and Sunrise on Easter Morning. It is the greatest feast of the Christian year and breaks our Lenten Fast.

*Come prepared to celebrate with candles lit and and bells (or other noisemakers!) ready to ring. 

Service link:

Easter Sunday | 5pm

The same "day" as the Great Vigil. We come together once again to celebrate Christ's resurrection and continue the feast.

*Signal the resurrection and our new life in Christ with freshly picked flowers at your home altar or prayer corner. 

Service link: