Who we are

St. Thomas Mission is an Anglican Church at UBC on the westside of Vancouver. Our diocese is the Anglican Network in Canada. Our study centre, The Scriptorium, is our link to the Consortium of Christian Study Centers. We exist to Behold and Uphold Jesus Christ in All ThingsWe do this through practices of worship, hospitality, spiritual formation, study, and one-on-one discipleship.  

We worship at 5pm on Sundays at University Chapel, and gather throughout the week for prayer, fellowship and service, and other special events. 

Our Sunday Liturgy

Our sevices follow a certain pattern, or liturgy. The word "liturgy" is from the Greek meaning "to serve.".  Liturgy is a way in which everyone can participate, knowing what to do and when. In our liturgy we move through confession, absolution, corporate singing, the preaching of the word, profession of faith, prayers of the people, and the celebration of Holy Communion. Liturgical worship involves the whole body and all the senses as we stand, sit, kneel, confess, and pray together. Banners, furnishings and robes in various colours, the use of incense on occasion, and varied emphases in the liturgies expand our concept and experience of worship and life in God. Our printed booklets will help and guide you. 

A few years back we created a series of videoes to help people become familiar with liturgical worship. You can watch the videos here

Children in Church

Children are an integral part of the family of God and we welcome and encourage children to participate in worship. We delight in the presence of children in our midst and value whole families learning to worship together. 

Children’s Ministry | "God's Big Story

It is also appropriate for young children to to be invited to worship and learn in a space and manner intended for children. We have a children’s ministry (ages 0-10) available from after the Gospel reading until the distribution of Holy Communion.

During this time, children continue in worship, only in a different setting. They sing, pray, and learn together to encounter Jesus in the scriptures and the world.

As a parent or caregiver, you may decide whether it is appropriate for your child to attend the children’s ministry or remain in the service. 

If you have any questions about our children's ministry, contact our children's minstry coordinator, Courtney Vandiver.


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