'In Medias Res'
Student Fellowship

'In Medias Res' is our weekly gathering for university students/young adults. We meet for small group fellowship and study at 7pm in the Scriptorium at UC. 

Join us half an hour before, at 6:30, for Evensong in the Prayer Chapel. 

We encourage everyone to come to both Evensong and 'In Medias Res', but you are welcoem to come to one or the other, depending on your schedule!

Email paul@stthomasmission.ca if you have any questions. 

The Scriptorium
Study Centre at University Chapel

Re-opening September 2021

Traditionally, a scriptorium is the space in a monastery that is set aside for scribes to work with manuscripts. It means 'a place of writing.' Our Scriptorium is located in the basement of University Chapel. 

We invite you to come by and study on Wednesdays or Fridays from 12-4:30pm during term.

"The Burrow"
1650 Western Parkway

The Burrow is an intentional community home right next to UBC. It is a literal home for some and a home-away-from home for others. Whether you need a place to study or to rest, our door is open. 

We host dinners at The Burrow on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month. 

Events & Gatherings

Starting in September

'The Scriptorium' Study Hours

Wednesday and Friday 12-4:00pm

In Medias Res
Thursdays 7pm
Talks and Events

Guest speakers, movie nights, book clubs, etc.

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