The unique partnership of University Chapel & St Thomas Mission Anglican Church is a creative experiment in church for the new millennium.  Affinity (common values and theology) and relationships are the foundation of our shared life.  It is a multicultural, multi-lingual community gathered around a vibrant faith and a passion for the Kingdom of God.  We share in ministry to each other and to this neighbourhood together.

The St Thomas Mission Ordinand & Intern program in the Anglican tradition provides a variety of ministry opportunities in which you can grow and learn.   The program runs over two years (for ordinands it is open ended) and involves approximately 8-10 hours per week, made up as follows:  

  • A monthly one-on-one mentoring meeting & occasional other input/training.
  • A monthly discussion on a chapter prescribed for reading.  The books are currently:

              o   David Fitch, The Great Giveaway, Grand Rapids: MI, Baker Books, 2005

              o   Michael Ramsey, The Christian Priest Today, London, SPCK, 1985.     

  • Full participation in the weekly Sunday services, including learning & practising liturgical roles.
  • Attendance at Morning Prayer / Communion at least once per week.
  • Taking a leadership role in a practical ministry.
  • Preaching usually at least twice in a year on a prescribed topic/passage (with input & feedback).
  • Ordinands are encouraged to do monthly confesssion for personal growth and preparation for ministry.

All ministry is built on relationships.  Every intern/ordinand is expected to have intentional involvement in the life of the community (i.e. building relationships, participating in ministries and events, and contributing to God’s work.)  The Ordinand & Intern program offers significant interaction with the priest, other clergy and experienced ministry leaders.  This investment of time is reciprocated by ordinands/interns being committed to the program not only in letter but also in spirit.

There are two foundational principles of this program:

  • Be attentive to the Holy Spirit on a daily basis discerning how to invest your time and energy.  (We encourage the regular practice of Ignatian Examen - which we will teach you).
  • Be the kind of Christian/member you would like to have in your own congregation in the future.  (Remember, most ministry is with people who have jobs and families, you must learn what it is like to balance conflicting demands to make ministry an appropriate priority.)

Most feedback, mentoring and evaluation will have these in mind.