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This is the final video in our short series covering different elements of liturgy. In this video Pastor Geoff explains how the Church went from sharing a whole meal together in their celebration of communion to simply taking a small piece of bread and a sip of wine. 

If you’ve been to any of our services at Sojourn, you know that we use a "liturgical" form of worship in our gatherings.  We sit, stand, read, confess and pray together. We realize that for many people much of this is unfamiliar.  For that very reason, we decided to put together a series of short videos to help explain some of the history, symbolism, and theology behind our liturgical worship.  Most of the videos are around 4-6 minutes long and they cover various topics related to liturgy. It is our hope that the information shared in these videos will be both informative and life-giving.

All of the videos are now in a playlist on Youtube