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This is the fifth installment in our series of short videos on the subject of liturgy. The previous videos are posted on our blog as well as on our youtube channel. 

If you’ve been to any of our services at Sojourn, you know that we use a "liturgical" form of worship in our gatherings.  We sit, stand, read, confess and pray together. We realize that for many people much of this is unfamiliar.  For that very reason, we decided to put together a series of short videos to help explain some of the history, symbolism, and theology behind our liturgical worship.  Most of the videos are around 4-6 minutes long and they cover various topics related to liturgy. It is our hope that the information shared in these videos will be both informative and life-giving. We believe that liturgical worship is richest when the actions, symbols and words are understood by those participating. 

In this video Geoff talks about symbolic (or liturgical) actions.  Why kneel when we pray?  Why do people cross themselves in an Anglican church? These are questions many of us have.  And some of us are skeptical of anything that looks or feels "too Catholic." If these sound similar to some of your own questions, watch the video and hopefully you'll start to understand the meaning of these and other liturgical actions.