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We haven't blogged on here in ages but it's good to be back! This post is the first of what will hopefully become a semi-regular series entitled "Songs for the Season." I have been thinking for quite some time about the importance of music (and art in general) for the formation of us as Christian individuals. This is certainly true with respect to the songs we sing on Sundays, but it is also true with respect to the music we listen to (or create) the rest of the week. This has led me to search for songs which are in step with particular seasons and holy days of the church calendar. Initially this was simply for my own listening and reflection.  Then I realized, "Hey, maybe other people are interested in this sort of thing too!"  

This playlist is just a small handful of songs for capturing the movement from Maundy Thursday though Easter Sunday. Next up will be a playlist for Eastertide. Some of these songs are "worship" songs for congregational singing, and some are not.

  1. Page CXVI, 'Go to Dark Gethsemane'
  2. The Welcome Wagon, 'He Never Said a Mumlin' Word'
  3. Jars of Clay, 'O Come And Mourn With Me Awhile'
  4. Johnny Cash, 'Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?'
  5. The Welcome Wagon, 'My God, My God (Parts 1 & 2)'
  6. The Brilliance, 'The Sun Will Rise'
  7. John Mark McMillan, 'Death in His Grave'
  8. The Brilliance, 'Christ is Risen'

Happy listening!